Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Priyanka Bassi Hot Stills

Priyanka Bassi Biography
Priyanka Bassi is originally from Delhi and has also attended Barry John's Theatre Group.

Early Career:
Priyanka did modelling for several brands for ex- Santoor, Bsl suitings etc. and also done many music videos including the popular 'Para Hoja Soniye' sung by the Famous Punjabi Singh Channi Singh.
Priyanka debuted with India's Second English soap opera 'Bombay Talking' in 2005. She played Sheena Malik who is an aspiring actress in Bollywood. In 2006, Priyanka rose to rising fame with the portrayal of her character Naina Singh Ahluwalia, A 22 year old, beautiful no-nonsense girl wounded by the death of her brother Naveen Singh Ahluwalia and his declaration of being a 'Traitor' instead of a Matryr, in Left Right Left. For Left Right Left, Priyanka performed all the stunts and the fighting sequences herself to achieve authenticity and also attended workshops and analysed the lifestyle of military men and women with the LRL team. Currently, Priyanka is seen in Rang Badalti Odhni on Star One, playing a bubbly Punjabi girl named Samaira aka Sam who happens to be the best friend of the male lead protagonist, Shantanu Khandelwal.
Ita awards 2007, where she was nominated for best Actress and won Idea Glamour star of the year.


21st August

Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi
Priyanka Bassi

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